Measurement Devices


Battery-operated measuring system for mobile flow measurements.


Battery-operated modem for direct docking with the UFO-Ex or the Kanalagent-II.

Kanalagent-II + Modem-Ex

Battery-operated system for mobile water level measurement + modem for wireless data transfer.



The optical measuring system for determining and logging the water level using a patented image processing method.


…the reliable solution for continuous measurement of water level, temperature and conductivity in ground and surface water!


A battery operated modem for direct docking to the Dipper3 or Dipper3T, the system for groundwater surveillance.


RG 100

The RG 100 rain data collector offers a maximum of security and compactness, due to its aluminum casting. The device allows longer periods of data collection: the maximum capacity lies at  48.000 mm.



Using the water level measuring system PS-Light-2, water levels in surface waters can be surveilled highly precise at low costs. The water level is measured using the bubbler technique.


Precipitation Sensor

TRW Weighing Principle

The precise precipitation measuring system. The TRW 200 uses a precision balance to measure liquid and solid precipitation with an accuracy of ±1 %..

Measurement Data Acquisition


…the compact data logger especially constructed for the water and sewage sector.

MDS 5-C-Modem

A modem for direct docking with the MDS 5 – S, MDS 5 – D and the MDS 5 – S.

MDS 5-s / MDS

…the compact data logger especially constructed for the water and sewage sector.


Top up your MDS 5 – S with this supplement to the stationary flow m MDS 5 – D.


File Inspector

The universal evaluation software for the display of measural series in numbers and graphs.

WAS – Datenportal

The web-based platform to save, administer and visualize your measured data.


The simple software for operating and reading out all W.A.S. measuring systems and devices.


MDS 5-C-Battery

Battery-module for the MDS 5 – C – Modem, equipped with exchangeable lithium batteries.


The spare accumulator allows a continuous use of UFO-EX measurement system.


The battery of the Modem-Ex can be exchanged with a few small steps.

Fixing and Tensioning Set

…facilitates perfect installation in almost any conduit.