Measurement Campaigns

Reliable measurement data are the basis for the success of your project. Our team of technicians and engineers supports you in the implementation of your measurement task, drawing on the experience and know-how gained from over 22,000 months of measurement. Our innovative solutions are specially tailored to your measurement task. In addition, we offer a high degree of flexibility in the implementation and evaluation of your measurement campaigns. We accompany you through all phases of your project, from planning to implementation and evaluation.

Even before the start of the measurement campaign, we support you with our knowledge during the planning phase. The quality of the measurement results is already increased in advance by a suitable selection of the measuring points and the measuring technology. The use of state-of-the-art flow measurement technology does not involve any investment or maintenance costs for you. Furthermore, you do not need to be trained in the use of the measurement technology or the evaluation software.

The measurement campaign can be carried out autonomously by W.A.S. GmbH without you having to provide personnel. The quality of the measurement data is continuously monitored and ensured through regular on-site inspections, data readouts and interim evaluations. In the event of deviations, measures for quality improvement can be initiated at an early stage. Through this procedure, W.A.S. GmbH guarantees a data availability of 95 %.

Through the optional use of modem units (also in hazardous areas), the measurement data can be transmitted online daily and stored redundantly on our server. This enables continuous monitoring of the measurement data quality, even between regular on-site inspections. Our web-based data portal offers numerous options for data processing and visualisation without the need for additional software. In addition, an alarm can be sent by e-mail and SMS in the event of limit values being exceeded or fallen short of.

You receive our carefully checked measurement results in the form of interim reports and a final evaluation. The measurement data is provided in the file format that is best for you. The interim and final reports are delivered electronically and in paper form.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to precisely calculate the costs incurred for your planned measurement campaign. For an individual offer for your measurement campaign, please contact us personally.