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Quality Management System

Since April 2016, our Quality Management System has been certified according to the DIN EN ISO 2001:2015 by EQM Zert.

WBedien Update

By downloading the latest version, you can update your WBedien installation to version 1.60. more...

Surveillance of Discharge Facilities

To fulfil the demands of the new SüwVO Abw, it is necessary to surveil all discharge facilities. For this purpose, we offer you both suitable measuring devices and all-round carefree packages.

File Inspector Update

By downloading the latest version, you can update your FileInspector installation to version 1.6 rel. 0.34. more...

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MT Modular Transducer

MT Modular Transducer

Universal measurement transducer which supports manifold measuring principles for the water and sewage sector.

The MT is a universal stationary measuring system which supports the connection with different sensors and therefore the realization of various measuring principles from the water-wastewater-sector.

The MT has 16 GB of internal storage for the local buffering of the measuring data. Furthermore, it contains a GSM / GPRS - modem for the wireless data transmission as well as various other communication gateways. The sensor connections are made via the diverse analogue and digital inputs.

The communication with the MT is performed via an own Wi-Fi-network. Hence, an easy and user-friendly setup of the measurement point in the browser of any device is enabled. Additionally, also the measurement data is visualized platform-independent in the browser.

Besides the conventional power connection, the low energy consumption of the MT enables a stand-alone power supply using a solar module.

The diverse measuring principles supported by the MT cover nearly all practically relevant application fields. For a specific configuration of the resulting modular system and an individual offer, please contact or sales team .