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IFAT 2016 - A Conclusion

We are happy having been a part of the largest IFAT so far.

Quality Management System

Since April 2016, our Quality Management System has been certified according to the DIN EN ISO 2001:2015 by EQM Zert.

LuWI 2015

In collaboration with the A.P.S.E.L. and our partners, wie hosted the 1st Luxemburg Water Information Day in Bingen/Mersch on Semptember 16, 2015.

WBedien Update

By downloading the latest version, you can update your WBedien installation to version 1.60. more...

Surveillance of Discharge Facilities

To fulfil the demands of the new SüwVO Abw, it is necessary to surveil all discharge facilities. For this purpose, we offer you both suitable measuring devices and all-round carefree packages.

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Top up your MDS 5 - S with this supplement to the stationary flow measurement system MDS 5 - D.

The Q-Modul is a passage module that allows directly linking of the ultrasound combi sensor for measuring flow velocity (using the Pulse-Doppler-Principle) and water levels (water-ultrasound).

The Q-Module transforms the encoder signal to a RS485-output-signal, which is transmitted to a evaluation unit (MDS 5 - D Durchflussmanager; telecontrol substation).

Using an analogue output signal allows integration into existing guidance systems; multiple Q-modules can be linked to one MDS 5 - S Stationsmanager.

The variation Q-Modul-Ex allows measuring flow in explosion-risk areas as well.


Stationary measurement of flow in...

  • Sewage plants (intake and outlet)
  • Rainwater relief systems
  • Purification basins for rainwater